Anti-Aging Facial (90 min.)        


During this facial we will concentrate on the Face muscles as well as the skin structure. We stimulate the Face muscles to tighten and to release facia to ensure that wrinkles and fine lines will soften. We use 8 different Modalities like Micro Current, LED Light, Ozon, High Frequency, Ultrasonic, Cupping, Wooden Tool Massage and Plasma Pen stimulation to achieve a younger and healthier glow.

De Luxe Facial (90 min.)            


With our De Luxe Facial we will not only pamper your skin with high quality Serums and Creams, we will also stimulate your senses with our Aroma Therapy. During your Mask we will give you a Hand Massage and a Foot Massage. This is the Ultimate Facial to relax and to get pampered.

Treatment Facial (60 min.)           $99 

In our Treatment Facials we combat concerns like Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Dry and Dull Skin. We will use for example Peels, Micro Current, LED Light, Ozon, High Frequency, Ultrasonic, Cupping, and Plasma Pen stimulation. We tailor every treatment to your need.

HydroFacial (60 min.)                $159

The hydro-exfoliating treatment (also known as hydradermabrasion) is one of the best facial treatments that’s appropriate for all skin types. It is an extremely thorough facial that uses a special “hydroexfoliating machine” to perform three specific actions. First, it exfoliates and cleanses. It also infuses the skin with a nourishing serum. And, unlike microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion is gentle on the skin. This means that it is safe for sensitive skin. It is an astoundingly effective treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions, ranging from acne to hyperpigmentation.

Kabelline Fat Dissolve Treatment       $250+

This contouring Serum was developed to improve the appearance of moderate fat on Face and Body. Kabelline is a homeopathic ”lipo suction”  for body and face. It helps contouring a slimmer silhouette and reduces unwanted fat. Kabelline is the Korean Brand of Kybella approved by the FDA with the same main ingredient.

Pricing will differ based on desired area, contact us for more info.

Woman with Hand on Face